Sandic Stefan  –  Faguras de Aur LTD

Mr. Stefan Sandic is the sole founder of the company “FAGURAS DE AUR” LTD. The company was registered at Registration Chamber on 24.08.2010 and the office of the company is the village of Shipca, Soldanesti district, Moldova.

The company was founded with the aim of setting up a beekeeping business in the village of Shipca. This idea comes from occupation that Mr. Stefan Sandic has when he was a teenager with his father (experienced beekeeper), caring after the bees and studying them.

In 2005 Stefan Sandic graduated the Faculty Agronomy at Moldova Agrarian University. To earn the financial resources needed for developing his own business, in 2005, shortly after graduation, Stefan Sandic went to Great Britain as migrant.

During 2006 – January 2010, Mr. Sandic Stefan worked as the production manager in the company „Rigid”, company specializes in producing packages. Also, during the years 2005-2006, Mr. Sandic Stephen was enrolled in the Academy of Business and Technology in the UK, where he followed and business English courses.

Returned home in February 2010, Mr. Sandic Stefan decided to create his own business in the field of beekeeping.

Thus, in October 2010, LTD “FAGURAS DE AUR” received an investment loan of 299,600 MDL (about 17,500 Euro) from the National Programme for Economic Empowerment of Youth. This credit was used for purchasing a 280 bee hives and frames. In 2011 and 2013 two other grants of 200,000 lei (about 12,000 lei) and respectively of 14,900 Euro were received for purchasing bee hives, beekeeping inventory and a Mobile Laboratory for extracting honey in the field.

At the moment LTD “FAGURAS DE AUR” has 600 beehives and equipment needed for beekeeping activity. Together with another 3 beekeeping companies from Sipca village there is planned to form a cooperative for honey production of a total 1,300 bee families.

Besides the maintenance of bees and extracting honey, LTD “FAGURAS DE AUR” From 2012 provides pollination services for multiannual plantations and the annual volume of these services in 2012 accounted about 100,000 lei (about 6000 Euros) – pollination of 1000 ha of sunflower seeds, pollination contract was signed with “Forever” company.

Now, LTD “FAGURAS DE AUR” has the following products and services: honey – the main product, we also produce beeswax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly. Our company also provides pollination services to fruit and vegetable growers; raises queens and bees to sell to other farmers.

Also, the company is planning to introduce a new service – treatment and fertilization plants form air. For this purpose a light plane was purchased. The total sum of the project is more than 50,000 euros.


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